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Butterfly Sunglasses: How to Choose, Description


Butterfly sunglasses or let’s say oversized sunglasses have a particular style. They come with large, rounded lenses with a finish of butterfly wings. This model got so much popular in the 1960s and since then have become a stylish accessory that every woman wants one. 

Why Butterfly Sunglasses? 

Style and Fashion 

When we talk about butterfly sunglasses, technically we are talking about style and beauty. Their oversized frames make you confident and make others admire your style and outfit with such an amazing accessory. 

Eye Protection 

In addition to the style, butterfly sunglasses offer better eye protection than other models. The reason is that it has big lenses which improve the coverage of the eyes. This can help a lot to protect eyes from harmful UV rays. 

Variety for different Face Shapes 

Another thing that makes butterfly sunglasses really popular is that so many people can wear them. From round, oval, square to heart-shaped faces can wear a pair of this model. 

How to choose the right model? 

If you want to purchase butterfly sunglasses but you don’t know which model and which color to choose, you must consider these factors to help you in your journey: 

Face Shape Analysis 

First you must find your face shape to be able to continue. When you find it, if your face is oval, you can wear every style. But if your face is more curved and rounder, you should try angular frames. If your face is square you should get curved and round butterfly sunglasses and finally if you have heart-shaped face, you should get a pair that balance the width of your forehead. 

Lens Options and Features 

Then, lenses are really important. So, while you are purchasing a new pair make sure that it has at least one of these factors: 

  1. It is UV400 protected. 
  2. It is polarized. 
  3. It is polarized and has UV400. 

How should I maintain my sunglasses? 

Good and proper maintenance can make your sunglass age more and protect you better from sun rays. Clean your aviator sunglasses regularly to remove dirt and oil from the lenses and frame. You should use a microfiber cleaning cloth or lens cleaning solution to have the best cleaning. When you don't use your shades, store your aviator sunglasses in a protective case to prevent scratches, dents, and other damage.   

Where to Buy Butterfly Sunglasses? 

Well now, you may ask” ok, you said so much, but do you know any place that has all of the things that you said?”. Of course! SQUARO EYEWEAR online store provides a wide variety of butterfly sunglasses with amazing qualities but here is the thing, our prices are 50% to 80% lower than any competitor in our market so that anyone can purchase a pair of shades. 


In conclusion, butterfly sunglasses are more than just an accessory. They represent your style and confidence towards others and also a great protection for your eyes. By choosing the right pair considering your face shape, you can look better in a second. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why choose Butterfly Sunglasses? Our Butterfly Sunglasses are stylish and functional at the same time. It makes you look amazing while it is protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays.

Q: Do Butterfly Sunglasses suit all face shapes? Somehow, butterfly sunglasses covers a wide variety of face shapes like oval, square, round and heart-shaped.

Q: Are there different colors available for Butterfly Sunglasses? Yes, we have wide variety of colors for you to choose.