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Men's Square Sunglasses: How to Choose, Description, Models, and Pros & Cons

Introduction to Men's Square Sunglasses 

When you are looking for an accessory for both style and functionality, sunglasses play a key role. Among all shades designs available, square sunglasses for men is the one which has no limit of age or place. Our square sunglasses provide great protection from UV rays and also make you stylish. In this text we are going to talk about why to choose them, a little bit of description, pros & cons and even how to choose the best one. So, if you are interested, stay with us. 

Why Choose Square Sunglasses? 

Protection from UV Rays 

One of the most important reasons to choose SQUARO EYEWEAR’s square sunglasses for men is their UV protection. Our shades provide a larger surface area of the lens which minimizes the risk of eye damage. 

Fashion Statement 

We talked about functionality and protection, but we didn’t talk about fashion. Men’s square sunglasses with their square angular shapes of lens provide you with a stylish look to your face so that you feel better and better every day by going outside. 

Description of Men's Square Sunglasses 

Frame Materials 

Our square sunglasses for men come in different frame materials, including soft durable plastics, lightweight PC and more. All the material we use in our square sunglasses offer durability, flexibility and comfort for you. 

Lens Types 

The lenses that we use not only for men’s square sunglasses are 2 different models; we have UV400 lenses which protect you 100% from the UV rays but also, we have Polarized which offers you even more protection while you are outside. 

Popular Models of Men's Square Sunglasses 

Classic Styles 

Our classic designs are everywhere. We have wayfarer square sunglasses, aviator square sunglasses and more. These are the most classic styles or let’s say more common styles for daily usage. These iconic models help you to look better and feel better. 

Exact Designs 

For those who are looking for something exact, we have also something to provide you. Our complete square sunglasses are one of the most innovative models because of the technology that has been used to design and create this model. So, if you are looking for something unique just look for square sunglasses for men. 

Pros of Men's Square Sunglasses 

Flexible Style 

Men’s square sunglasses are amazingly flexible on place. I mean you can wear these pair of shades from your casual days to formal important working days without any problem. Their clean and geometrical shape make them a pair of sunglasses for everyone and everywhere. 

Face Shape Complement 

Square sunglasses for men can be worn by every individual with a round or oval face shape which is 70% of people. This shape helps them to balance and make their face look better by adding some angular shapes to a curved face. 

Cons of Men's Square Sunglasses 

Compatibility with Face Shape 

Even though that men’s square shades can be worn by 70% of people but what about that 30%? The problem with this model is that it can’t be used by everyone like aviator sunglasses for men. 


The maintenance of angular sunglasses can be a bit challenging because of those edges. So, if you are lazy and don’t want to clean your pair of sunglasses regularly, we suggest you look for a more curved sunglasses model such as round sunglasses for men. 

How to Choose the Right Men's Square Sunglasses 

Consider Face Shape 

Before purchasing any sunglasses, we highly suggest you check what your face shape is. Then by knowing it we will help you. So as we said, people with round or oval faces should wear more angular ones such as square sunglasses for men. 

Frame Size and Fit 

Fortunately, you shouldn’t worry about this part because all of our sunglasses in SQUARO EYEWEAR are free size which means everyone can wear them without any problem. 

Tips for Maintaining Men's Square Sunglasses 

Cleaning Techniques 

To clean properly your lenses, you should use microfiber cloth and lens cleaning liquid to clean dust, oil and dirt from your sunglasses and make your sight clearer. 

Storage Tips 

Whenever you think that you will not use your pair of shades, put them right away in the protective case within your purchase to prevent any scratches, bends etc. Neve put them outside without any cover. 


Men's square sunglasses offer a winning combination of style and functionality. Whether you're looking for classic designs or even exact ones, there's a perfect pair in SQUARO EYEWEAR’s online store to suit your taste and lifestyle. By considering factors such as face shape and frame materials, you can make a proper decision and enjoy your sunglasses for years. 


  • Are square sunglasses good for all face shapes? No, only people with curved faces such as round or oval faces should use this model. 
  • How do I know if square sunglasses fit properly? You should check your face shape and then read our product category description to find if it fits you or not. 
  • Can I wear square sunglasses for outdoor activities? Yes, square sunglasses are suitable for outdoor light activities, but for more serious ones you should use our sport sunglasses for men. 
  • Do square sunglasses come in polarized options? Yes, a lot of our square sunglasses for men are available with polarized lenses, which reduce glare and enhance clarity in bright conditions.