Collection: Women's Aviator Sunglasses

Women's Aviator Sunglasses: How to Choose, Description, and Pros & Cons


There is an accessory in the world that every woman must have which is a pair of sunglasses. The reason is that they want to look good but also have protection for their eyes while they are outside. Among all the sunglasses models that we know, women’s aviator sunglasses are one of the most well-known ones which we will today talk about their design, how to choose a perfect one, pros & cons of it and some maintenance tips of it. 

Design and Features 

Aviator sunglasses for women is known with their classic pilot look. This model comes with teardrop-shaped lenses, a double bridge and a thin metal frame. Even though it has a classic design, it is still popular and one of the most preferred ones. 

Choosing the Right Pair 

If you, ladies, want to choose a pair of aviator sunglasses, you should consider several factors such as lens color, UV protection and frame material. 

Why is lens color important? The reason is that lenses of a pair of sunglasses cover more than 70% of it. So, this means that the color of your lenses is technically the main color of your sunglasses which can make a stylish person into a bad looking person. Always try to choose the color which suits your outfits the most. 

The reason that you must be strict with UV protection is that if a sunglass doesn’t have enough protection, the sun can cause real damage to your precious eyes. So before purchase any pair of sunglasses not just aviator sunglasses of women, you have to check if it has UV400 or polarized badge which makes them super safe. But no worries, in SQUARO EYEWEAR, all of our sunglasses are either polarized or UV400 which makes them 100% safe. 

Then, the frame material is really important too. The reason is that it is where your shades touch your face. So, they have to be of good quality to not make you uncomfortable while wearing them. Mostly, metal and PC (plastic) pairs are the most comfortable ones. 

Pros of Women's Aviator Sunglasses 

  1. They are one of the most stylish models which can fit with a wide range of outfits and places. 
  1. Women’s aviator sunglasses can protect your eyes better because they have bigger lenses which cover your eyes more. 
  1. By wearing this pair of sunglasses, you will feel more confident because all important people and celebrities wear this kind. 

Cons of Women's Aviator Sunglasses 

  1. Comparing to other models, aviator sunglasses for women can cost a little bit more than them. 
  1. Unfortunately, this model is not suitable for many face shapes. Only Oval, square and heart-shaped faces can wear them. 

Maintenance Tips 

To clean properly your pair of sunglasses you should get a microfiber cloth and sunglass washing liquid, clean them carefully to not break the lenses. We suggest you clean your sunglasses at least once a week. 


Women’s aviator sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory. They are a reminder of important people, confidence and protection. Wherever you want to go, from a pool party to an important meeting with your boss, this pair is amazing for you. If you’re convinced that this model is perfect for you, do not forget that SQUARO EYEWEAR provides you with the best of them.